Since 2015, I’ve been sharing my recipes on my German food blog CUISINI (cuisini-blog.de), which has grown to become one of the largest food blogs in Germany. I’ve now decided it’s time to share my recipes with the whole world, so here I am!

I hope you enjoy the small German touch in some of my recipes and that they taste as good to you as they do to me. Since I want to continue writing my posts myself, I will initially write the articles myself – even if my English may not be the best. If you should discover any mistakes or if I use words incorrectly, please feel free to send me an email. I would be so grateful! I will have my posts professionally corrected bit by bit.

About Sina

I’m Sina, an enthusiastic food blogger who is passionate about quick and easy recipes. I truly believe that anyone can cook and bake, and I want to help you along the way.

My favorite recipes are quick and easy dishes from the pan or the oven. Ideally, with as few ingredients as possible, but always resulting in a super delicious meal.

When I’m not busy in the kitchen or writing about delicious recipes, you can probably find me snuggled up with my cat, “Early,” or working on redesigning my house.